Jelly Had Twice As Many Accounts In Three Days As Twitter Had In A Year

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Biz stone did an interview with Bloomberg TV today. Among other things, he revealed that Jelly may get a search feature in the future, and search might be how it ultimately monetizes the app.

Stone also revealed that Jelly had twice the number of accounts in its first three days than Twitter did in its first year.

"It is funny to say this in that it is only a few years later, but we are living in such a different world now," he said. "In three days, Jelly had more accounts -- twice the accounts -- than it took a year to get at Twitter. And that's because of services like Twitter and Facebook that just spread the word so amazingly quickly."

It may also have something to do with the fact that Stone's name is much more well-known now because of Twitter, which led to a lot more media coverage and general interest than Jelly would've otherwise gotten.

But yeah, Facebook and Twitter helped to spread the word too.

"When we launched and we got featured in the apple app store, it was just crazy," he said.

Again, Stone's name may have contributed to that.

"I had to remind everyone on the team it's gonna go like this [downward motion]," Stone continued. "So be prepared for that. Don't think it is failure. The way you gotta do it is you have to build a system that has growth mechanisms in it and you have to trust that those will work. You don't want anything artificial."

Jelly recently shared some findings from its first week. Some third-party data also shed some light on usage.

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