Jeffrey Dahmer's Childhood Home Marketable, Creepy

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Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home is on the market if you're interested in living where something horrific happened and if you're not too shaken by horror house movies. For example, if the idea of living in the Amityville house sounds cozy, this could be your dream house.

No thanks.

Actually the unfortunate realtor of the home says it's really quite nice. He says about half of those who call are not at all interested in the house's past and tells interested buyers that "this house never killed anyone."

In fact the house is quite charming with its 1950s style and nice wooded lot. It is on the market for a surprising $295,000 and is in a highly-sought wealthy neighborhood just outside of Akron, Ohio, according to AP.

Yeah, ok. But...

Jeffrey Dahmer, rapist, murderer, and renowned cannibal, committed his first horrible act of murder there at the age of 18 in 1978. He brought home a hitchhiker, which he then killed and buried in the backyard. He went on to commit 16 more murders (and rape, dismemberment, and subsequent eating) of men and boys until he was captured in 1991, and killed in prison by another inmate in 1994.

These facts, however, don't seem to bother the current owner who is obviously unshakable. He said, "If you can get past that little problem, you'll have a wonderful place to live." He added, "The fact that it was Jeffrey Dahmer's house was not an attraction. I am not a ghoul. I am not interested in the supernatural."

There is another downside to owning this house. Those that haunt the outside in the form of ghost hunters, spectators, and even Japanese film crews. Even if you don't believe in the supernatural, that could be enough to drive off even the most unflappable of buyers. Good luck selling that place.

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