Gordon Flips On Date of Earnhardt's Death

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It always makes 'em nervous when there's a wreck in a NASCAR race. Jeff Gordon is a household name in racing, and his nasty slide and flip in the Budweiser Shootout was a big deal.

Jeff made contact with Kyle Bush's bumper near the end of the 75-lap race at the Daytona Speedway and ended up sliding on his roof. Gordon walked away unharmed. Gordon wanted to get flipped over, straighten a few things out and complete the last 2 laps of the race. The Budweiser Shootout kicks off the 2012 NASCAR season.

Crashes on a speedway have always been cause for concern. But, ever since Dale Earnheardt's tragic death in 2001, these things are taken much more gravely. Gordon's crash came eleven years to the day, and on the same race track, after Earnhardt's fatal crash.

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