Jeff Gordon Fight Draws Cheers From Crowd

Amanda CrumLife

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A whole lot of testosterone plus a disagreement on the track made for a tense situation on Sunday during the AdvoCare 500, when Jeff Gordon and Clint Bowyer got into a vehicular shoving-match before a physical fight broke out.

It started when Bowyer scraped Gordon's car during a lap; Gordon retaliated by pushing Bowyer into the wall, causing a crash that could have been a whole lot worse. As soon as Gordon got out of his car and took his helmet off, a member of Bowyer's crew ran up to him and all hell broke loose; cameras recorded everything, but it's difficult to tell what's happening in the scuffle. It took a while to break up, with several men involved, but as soon as Bowyer got his car taken care of he jumped out and sprinted around the track to find Gordon, yelling something unintelligible before being held back and pulled away.

No word yet from either camp about what happened, but fans weren't too upset...the fight drew cheers as soon as the audience knew what was going on.

Amanda Crum
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