Jeb Bush Is An 'Embarrassment To His Family,' Says Donald Trump

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Republican presidential candidate and former Florida governor Jeb Bush has received scathing remarks from the GOP leading contender, Donald Trump, calling him an embarrassment to the Bush clan.

Trump dropped the bomb in an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press after Bush stated that the real estate tycoon is a “jerk” before his crowd of supporters during a campaign rally.

Jeb Bush Calls Donald Trump A Jerk During A Campaign Rally

The business magnate and current number one Republican presidential hopeful attacked his rival with an insulting comeback: “He's an embarrassment to the Bush family, and in fact he doesn't even want to use the Bush name, which is interesting.”

“Jeb is an embarrassment to himself and his family, and the Republican Party has essentially -- they're not even listening to Jeb,” Trump added.

Donald Trump Criticizes Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton on 'Meet The Press'

With the elections drawing near, the presidential candidates are using every single opportunity to expose each other’s flaws. Calling Bush “weak and ineffective,” Trump said the former governor will leave the primary elections soon.

Bush, on the other hand, was quick to point out that the leading candidate is ignorant when it comes to important national issues. The business mogul failed to answer important questions on the nuclear triad during last week’s debate. Amid their heated verbal exchange, Bush admitted he feels “much better” now that he is not the frontrunner. He added he is comfortable with his current poll results unlike before when he felt pressured just because he thought people have high expectations of him.

“I totally get it … because I have a brother that was president and a father that was president. And that higher expectation was important to realize. And so, being the frontrunner made me feel like the other guys [were] just dancing right through this,” Bush said, adding he is prepared to accept his fate.

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