Jean-Jacques Rousseau Gets A 300th Birthday Google Doodle at Google France

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau is best known as a philosopher from Geneva, whose writings helped influence the French Revolution. Considered a key contributor of Europe's Romanticism movement, Rousseau has now been immortalized by the Google Doodle crew, thanks to a nifty little image of Rousseau getting in touch with nature, a key aspect of his philosophy. The Doodle can be seen as the lead image of this article, and it appears as if it's only available on Google's French homepage.

We were alerted about the Doodle's existence via the Google Doodle Twitter feed, which was kind enough to embed an image of their Doodle:

Because philosophy is not my thing, I'm not going to try and regurgitate Rousseau's existence because Wikipedia does that much better than I can. That being said, Google's attraction to Rousseau is probably anchored to the fact that he penned The Social Contract, a progressive look at how political entities can best serve their constituents. Considering how his work influenced those against monarchies with totalitarian rule, it's clear why Google would be attracted to him as a subject for their Doodles.

As indicated, you can see the Doodle at Google France. Unfortunately, however, those of you hoping it's an interactive Doodle, there's no such luck this time.

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