Jay-Z Faces Competition From Rapping Russian Billionaire

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According to recent estimates, Mikhail Prokhorov is the third richest man from Russia and the 32nd richest man in the entire world. But all the money in the world can't buy you rap skills.

The Russian billionaire has gone viral with a performance he made as a guest appearance on a Russian comedy show called "Projector Paris Hilton." The appearance actually took place a couple of weeks ago, but it was only recently that the video began to see wide circulation via social media outlets - and the YouTube views have climbed.

Prokhorov begins with an awkward "yo, yo" and leads into a rap that's probably not going to get him in the studio with Jay-Z (although Jay-Z is given plenty of mentions). But he does declare himself the real Russian Eminem, which gets no argument from this writer.

Check it out below:

Prokhorov, who owns the majority stake in the New Jersey Nets (Jay-Z owns a smaller share), is also in the news recently due to his political aspirations. In December, he declared his entrance into the Russian Presidential race as an independent.

Some have accused Prokhorov of been a part of a government-backed charade. According to the AP, to some, his candidacy is "viewed as a Kremlin-approved effort to add legitimacy to the election and channel public discontent highlighted by massive protest rallies." But he denies that he's in it for any reason other than to fight for the Presidency.

According to recent polls, Vladimir Putin is set to win the March 4th election by a substantial margin. I'm pretty sure that this charming little rap performance has endeared Prokhorov to more than a few people, however.

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