Jay Z and Beyonce: Are The Divorce Rumors Wishful Thinking?


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There’s no doubt about it: Singer Beyonce and her rapper husband Jay Z are THE power couple of the music industry.

And prior to the now infamous elevator confrontation between Jay and Solange, Beyonce’s younger sister, many looked at them as a rather happy couple.

If not the so-called “perfect couple”.

Together with daughter Blue Ivy, the family represented a heartwarming image of a blessed household that is wealthy, successful, and absolutely unified.

But since the fight, a crack in the facade of a happy home has appeared, leading to divorce rumors flying even before the On The Run tour took off.

Gossip magazines pointed out that Beyonce was home-shopping with no Jay Z in sight. “Sources” claim that they spend all their time apart when not on stage.

It seemed that any day now a permanent separation would be announced.

Despite the gossip, the family seems closer than ever following Beyonce’s 15 minute performance and special award at the MTV Video Music Awards.

It was Jay Z himself (with little Blue Ivy) who presented the award to an emotional Beyonce.

Was it a publicity stunt meant to silence rumors? Cynics seem to think so.

But Beyonce’s own father Matthew Knowles has claimed that the cynics and gossip magazines have only served to play into the hands of the couple.

He said that the entire elevator fight and subsequent "divorce watch" was a PR stunt.

If that’s the case, then why was it Solange that was hitting, kicking, and spitting at her sister’s husband?

A question for the ages no doubt.

But one thing is certain: It appears a growing number of people are personally invested in seeing this power couple break up.

One has to ask WHY?

It’s possible that a couple that loves each other very much also has problems.

The sort of problems they don’t share with anyone else. Or the sort of problems that while there, don’t necessarily make them want to call-up their divorce lawyers.

It could be that members of the public are so used to celebrities getting together, breaking up and then getting with new partners that “divorce watching” is just another form of entertainment.

...And that’s terrible if you think about it.

None of us know these people personally. Should it REALLY matter to us total strangers what the state of Beyonce’s marriage is?