Jason Statham To Marry Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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Jason Statham, 46, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, 26, have had their fair share of time in the gossip circle. The couple has been together for nearly four years, and speculation seems to have always followed them.

Last year it was rumored that they had decided to split, but they squashed the nonsense by reportedly getting engaged. "I think the longer you are together, the more you look out for each other, the more you become invested in each others' lives. And we really are a team," Rosie explained. "We are deeply connected. We are best mates and it's a beautiful thing. I feel truly lucky. He's a warm spirit."

Now, the new gossip is that the couple is planning on getting hitched this summer. "They're getting married this summer, it'll be a country wedding where Rosie grew up in Devon, close to her parents' farm," a source told Yahoo Celebrity. "They’ve finally set a date and both agreed England should be where they wed, despite their closest friends living in LA."

Rosie has revealed her desire to be a mother, which is why she has pushed so hard for this wedding. She wants to have children, but she wants to be married before they do so.

"Rosie and Jason have had a few problems lately but they’ve come through because Jason finally understands how important it is for her that they tie the knot," the source added. “Jason has always been reluctant, but Rosie’s ready to become a mother and she wants to be married before they have a family."

While their reps have not yet made a comment on the recent wedding news, Rosie hinted around at the idea during an interview with The Sunday Times.

"A few things in my personal life that are very exciting that I probably can't elaborate on [are planned for the near future]," she said: "I look forward to the many things that come with being a woman, having children, motherhood, all of that."

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