Jason Derulo Feels Pressure To Marry Jordin Sparks


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Aaaah, to be 24 and in love.

At that age you probably think any relationship that lasts longer than six months will last forever, and that's how pop singer Jason Derulo feels at the moment, as he went on Access Hollywood Live, Tuesday, April 16, to discuss his new album Talk Dirty and to also update fans on his relationship with girlfriend Jordin Sparks of American Idol fame.

Unlike many famous couples, Derulo and Sparks have no desire to hide their union from the general public. In fact, they seem to be very eager to provide constant updates about how they're doing, what gifts they bought each other, and what their future plans are.

But Derulo says some of that openness has backfired on him a little bit, because now, people expect the two to be engaged and quickly make their way down the aisle. But he doesn't want to let that outside pressure influence any decisions the couple makes, he said. And for the record, they're not engaged.

"We're not engaged yet, not yet," said Derulo. "When the time is right and the stars are aligned perfectly....I always have to tell myself to not allow that to interfere in the beauty that we have, and I hope that she knows that as well."

Ever since Derulo and Sparks starting dating a while back, there's been a growing interest in the couple, and when Derulo bought his girlfriend 10,000 roses for Valentines Day, it seems their popularity grew even more.

But sometimes being with another entertainer can be tough, said the Tattoos singer, since the two of them are often far apart, which is why he named his new album Talk Dirty, because having a seductive conversation over the telephone is all the two have to keep the fire burning sometimes.

"When you're on the road all the time and you're not in one place and you have that special somebody that is away, sometimes dirty talk is all you got," he said."

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