Jared Allen Will Remain With The Minnesota Vikings


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Jared Allen, who is one of the top defenders for the Minnesota Vikings, was on the verge of a trade earlier this afternoon. As the trade deadline approached, Allen, along with other players around the league all went up for grabs essentially, as other teams made offers for select players.

Allen is a defensive end, and is a high demand player, as he has played in a total of five Pro Bowls in his career. Every team was calling each other up and trying to make a deal as the trade deadline was quickly approaching. The Vikings have had a hard time this season, and might feel that with getting rid of Allen for some future picks, they could turn their team around easier.

The trade deadline was officially on Tuesday, October 29 at 4 p.m. and Allen, along with superstar tight-end Tony Gonzalez, and several others were on the trade radar as the time drew near. It was originally reported that the Seattle Seahawks had an interest in the veteran defensive end, and in return the Vikings would want a second-round pick.

ESPN analysts and sports agents around the nation continued to send conflicting reports about Jared Allen's future throughout the day. The Seahawks were just the first team to get in on the action, with the 49ers jumping in later, although it was later stated that the 49ers have no interest in a trade for Allen.

Well, after all of the back and forth with the Seahawks, 49ers, and surely other teams that were interested in the veteran as well, Allen will be staying in Minnesota. He will become a free agent after this season, and if he leaves Minnesota as a free agent next spring, the Vikings they could get a mid-round compensatory pick in the 2015 draft in return.

Jared Allen is the the team's most productive defensive lineman, and in the 2013 season he has 4.5 sacks. The 32-year-old veteran out of Idaho State has 121.5 in his career.

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