Japan/USA Final Brings Out Facebook's Ugly Side

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Social media, because of things like this, every time I think I can't quit you, something like this shows up and I'm disgusted with myself for even being associated with the applicable platform. Now, I'm not talking about screw ups from famous people, or Lamebook-worthy posts, either. No, I'm talking about the "Internet tough guy" racism things like Twitter and Facebook seem to harbor.

The kind of racism I'm talking about is the kind where otherwise normal people issue some of the most pathetically vile posts one can imagine; and they seem to do it when they can hide behind the cloak of Xbox Live or, in this case, Facebook. It's akin to a hit and run, with most of the simple-minded people who issue these kinds of posts choosing to hide behind their wall of perceived anonymity. I mean, at least the KKK and the girl from the UCLA video -- we haven't forgotten about you, Alexandra -- are brave enough to face the pubic.

The same is doubtfully true for those who willingly hide behind what ever barrier of perceived invisibility and post things like the stuff found on Facebook, which was collected and then submitted to Reddit. What we have is a collection of the ignorant Facebook posts that appeared shortly after Japan beat the United States in the World Cup final, and it shows that when you mix an idiot with a keyboard and a touch of bravery due to a "they can't see me" attitude, you get things like the following.

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Stay Classy

Besides an inordinate amount of World War II/Hiroshima mentions -- although, the Nagasaki references were few and far between; I'm guessing that's not as popular with that kind of crowd -- there are comments that skip the poor taste taunts and skip right to the racism with gems like "slant eyes" and "gook." Talk about making someone proud to be an American... There's really not much to offer here except the knowledge that many of these Internet toughs would wilt like a spring flower in the summer heat if they were ever confronted by their stupidity.

Perhaps they would go for the "my account was hacked" excuse, but that only works for professional athletes. No, what we have is a bunch of sore-loser kids who think they are invincible because of whatever privacy settings they have on their Facebook account, and so, they feel like they can say anything without repercussion. I just hope these fake tough guys are stupid enough to not delete that crap, just in case a future employer ever searches for one of the featured Facebook pages.

If we're lucky, one of these witty individuals might have a person of Japanese decent as a future boss. I long to see the amount of backtracking if that ever happens.