Japanese Woodblock Art of Classic Video Game Characters

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This is an awesome collection from artist Jed Henry that takes classic video game characters and depicts them as subjects in the Japanese woodblock print style known as Ukiyo-e.

The items are on display at the artists Facebook page, called Ukiyo-e Heroes. According to the page, prints will be available for purchase in August. There is a good chance there will be more paintings available at that time, as the artist has said that he will be creating more throughout the year.

It is cool to see Mario as a shogun warrior in the two of the above paintings. The artist does an excellent job of changing his appearance to suit the style, but still keeping a "Mario " quality about him. Bowser lends himself perfectly to this type of interpretation.

The artist also includes this unfinished work of a demonic looking Kirby fighting King Dedede, with Dark Matter in the background. This is maybe the strangest of all in the collection, but is interesting to see a Kirby as a monstrous warrior rather than the cute, cuddly version we are used to.

[h/t: GeekTyrant]

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