Jane Fonda Surprised She's Still Getting Roles

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Jane Fonda is no newcomer to the argument about how women are treated in the film industry. Fonda has been fighting that fight all her career. For a woman who made tremendous amounts of money in a fitness endeavor, Fonda is adamant that looks not be the determiner of a woman's worth.

"The perception of men as they get older is vastly different from women," Jane Fonda recently told the Daily Mirror. "Men are seen as becoming elegant and more desirable, whereas women are seen as having lost their beauty and attractiveness. It's as if we become devalued because only our beauty defines us."

Fonda is joined in this chorus nowadays by a raft of other actresses who are angry that they are being told they are too old to be paired alongside even far older actors.

“There are things that are really disappointing about being an actress in Hollywood that surprise me all the time,” Maggie Gyllenhaal revealed in a recent interview. “I’m 37 and I was told recently I was too old to play the lover of a man who was 55. It was astonishing to me. It made me feel bad, and then it made me feel angry, and then it made me laugh.”

Jane Fonda concurs with that finding.

"I'm surprised I'm still getting opportunities because, for women, once you reach 40 or 50 it's very difficult to find work," Fonda says.

Many other actresses have come forward, joined by men who see the same discrimination, to point out that the media often reports on what a man is doing, but on what a woman is wearing.

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