Jane Fonda Makes List of "Worst Dressed" at Golden Globes

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Jane Fonda was among those making E! News's "worst dressed" list at Sunday's Golden Globes. Normally donning something classy and tasteful, she would have earned marks for being smartly dressed, had she not covered her entire upper half with something akin to a sea creature.

E! News describes the anomaly as a "cupcake" or a "clam shell," but neither truly describes the atrocity that swallowed Jane Fonda's gown whole.

Perez Hilton may have described Jane Fonda's dress best, saying she "drowns in ruffles" on the Golden Globes red carpet.

Then there was this description.

At least Jane was in good company. Others making the E! News "worst dressed" list include Rooney Mara for her tattered lace, Amanda Peet for her washed out nude gown, Maggie Gyllenhaal for her floral print with sequins and that strange flower on her shoulder, and Regina King, whose gown was bad enough, but that cape was the icing on the cake.

Jane Fonda also made news at the Golden Globes for the look on her face when Jonah Hill dressed up as the bear from The Revenant.

What's your take on Jane Fonda's Golden Globes gown?

What did you think of Jonah Hill's humor? Was it almost as outrageous?

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