Jamie Lynn Spears Performs "Oops I Did It Again"


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Remember Jamie Lynn Spears, the little sis of Britney? She was on her way to stardom herself and even had her own television show, Zoey 101 where she played the character Zoey Brooks. On the show, Jamie played a good girl who was rarely into trouble and always saved the day with a generous notion or heartwarming thought.

When Jamie became pregnant at the age of 16, many of her fans just couldn't believe it. They had thought Jamie was the same good girl as her character Zoey. Jamie decide to take a break from showbiz and moved to Liberty, Mississippi to raise her baby. Jamie has grown up a lot since having her daughter and she is back to performing.

She recently covered one of her sister Britney's popular songs, Oops I Did It Again during a performance at Eddie's Attic on Thursday, Dec. 5 in Decatur, Georgia. While Jamie may have lived a different lifestyle from her sister, she seems to have just as much talent. In fact, Jamie's voices sounds strikingly similar to Britney's.

After her performance, Jamie took a few moments to show her sister some appreciation. She said,

"You gotta throw it back to your sister at some point, right?" "My sister's been a big influence on my life, so of course you gotta throw it back to her," she added. "So a big round of applause for my sister."

Jamie has said several times that she has always been interested in music and singing and recently released her new song, "How Could I Want More." She has said that she plans to pursue her music career while raising her daughter Maddie who is now 5 years old. It looks like Jamie Lynn Spears has matured into a devoted mother and talented performer with a bright future ahead of her.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.