Jamie Lynn Spears Involved In Restaurant Fight In Louisiana, Brandishes Bread Knife

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Britney Spears’ 23-year-old sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, made headlines over the holidays after being involved in an altercation at a restaurant called the Pita Pit in Louisiana. CCTV footage of the incident has surfaced that shows Spears breaking up the fight by grabbing a knife and brandishing it at the perpetrators. According to reports, Spears became involved after rescuing her friend who was hit by a bottle during the altercation. A representative for Spears did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

TMZ released the CCTV footage of the incident which took place on December 28. Jack Brighenti, owner of The Pita Pit, sent an email to People regarding the incident. “I have been with The Pita Pit for several years, and have never seen anything like this before,” Brighenti said in the email. “A group of males got into an altercation and for some reason Jamie Lynn Spears ran behind the counter and picked up a bread knife. Our management called the police immediately and thankfully nothing else happened.”

Police were called to the scene, but no one was arrested. Spears’ friend also didn’t want to press charges. Spears also remained silent on social media with regards to the incident.

Jamie Lynn was a Nickelodeon star who appeared on the show Zoey 101 as the titular character. Spears married businessman Jamie Watson in March of last year. She has one daughter with Casey Aldridge, who she dated when she was just 16 years old. Her status as a teen mom drew controversy at the time.

After her career with Nickelodeon, Spears decided to move to Nashville to work on her music c. On 2014, she released her debut country EP, The Journey. She is also featured on the Britney Spears song, “Chillin’ with You”, which was taken from Britney’s eighth studio album, Britney Jean.

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