Jamie Lynn Spears Gives Sister Britney Spears Nod

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Jamie Lynn Spears gave an enthusiastic nod to big sister Britney Spears when she covered her old hit song during a gig in Decatur, Georgia. Jamie Lynn broke into a spirited rendition of Oops! I Did It Again, to rounds of knowing applause. While singing a song from her new country album, Spears flawlessly transitioned into Britney's song, and the energy level in her audience escalated immediately.

Jamie Lynn Spears's career has suddenly escalated, too, with a track from her new album debuting on the on the Billboard charts. How Could I Want More? broke on to the country charts with more than 28,000 downloads sold.

"I can't believe that my song has reached Billboard," she said in an interview with Billboard magazine. "It's a dream come true."

Jamie Lynn also made it perfectly clear during this interview that there's no animosity, nor is there any competition between her and her big sister.

"Me and Brit, I'm sure no one believes me when I say, there is no rivalry! You have to remember that we are 10 years apart, so I always saw her as a second mom. We have fun like only sisters can, but we don't have that young sibling rivalry," Jamie Lynn explained. "She was one of the first people to call and tell me how proud she was of the success of ['More'], so charts won't come between me and her – never will!"

Jamie Lynn's fans are certainly excited to learn her single debuted on Billboard.

Will Jamie Lynn Spears enjoy the success Britney Spears has found in the music world? Or will she take keep her pace a little bit slower, in order to make sure she doesn't stumble in the midst of her uphill climb? It seems by giving this nod to her sister with one of her earlier hits, she no doubt remembers Britney's fall. And while she's proud of her amazing comeback, she's probably a little bit cautious, too.

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