Jamie-Lynn Sigler Explains Some of the Frustration of Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis

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Jamie-Lynn Sigler of The Sopranos fame was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 15 years ago, but only went public with it following her wedding to Cutter Dykstra a week ago.

She spoke with Maria Menounos in recent days about the autoimmune disease, explaining that it comes with a variety of frustrations.

"For six years my symptoms in the disease for me have been stable," Jamie-Lynn Sigler explains. "I actually went to my doctor about three months ago for a check-up, and he said, 'You know, if you came in today I wouldn't diagnose you with M.S."

Jamie-Lynn says that although most believe "that would be something really exciting to hear," it actually "frustrated her."

"Because I still feel it and I still feel like things are wrong," she says. "They're not right...while that's great news and encouraging for my doctor to say, I think a lot of people with M.S...you feel really misunderstood."

Multiple sclerosis is one of those illnesses that, during times of remission, patients are sometimes accused of "faking it." It's a disease that doesn't often display easily recognizable symptoms.

"You don't want to complain all the time," Jamie-Lynn Sigler continues, "and you don't want to share all the things that you're feeling. But the truth is, you're never really comfortable in your body cause it's not normal."

Kudos to Jamie-Lynn Sigler for sharing her M.S. diagnosis. By going public about it, and sharing issues like the one she described to Maria Menounos, she might raise further awareness about the illness. She also might help others with M.S. open up and talk about how the disease affects them.

Some of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis include fatigue, numbness or tingling of the face or extremities, weakness, dizziness or vertigo, pain, emotional changes, bladder problems, walking difficulties and more.

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