Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts To Star In “Scream Queens”

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Ryan Murphy, the man behind hit shows Glee and American Horror Story, will be producing another show for Fox called Scream Queens. It was announced back in October that the show was picked up straight-to-series by Fox, based solely on Murphy’s track record. When the announcement was made, they hadn't even settled on who the stars in the show would be. But now, the search for Murphy’s “scream queens” is over. It’s been reported that Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma Roberts have been cast in the ensemble comedy-horror anthology. However, details about their roles on the show are still uncertain.

Roberts and Curtis have proven that they have the acting chops to do both horror and comedy. Roberts, who was recently seen in the third and fourth seasons of American Horror Story, showed she could do comedy in films like We’re The Millers. Curtis, who’s known for comedy films like Freaky Friday, started out her career doing horror films including Halloween, The Fog, Terror Train, and Prom Night.

Murphy is known for giving older actresses great roles in his shows. Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, and Angela Bassett have been given high-quality material in American Horror Story. The casting of Curtis proves that he sets out to do for the actress what he has done for Lange in American Horror Story. It is also worth noting that Curtis hasn’t appeared in any movies in a while, especially nothing remotely related to the horror genre.

Roberts’ partnership with Curtis also proved to be a fruitful one, with the third and fourth seasons of American Horror Story getting high ratings and rave reviews from critics.

The format for Scream Queens will follow that of American Horror Story, with each season having an entirely new plot and cast of characters. Plot details are scarce, but reports claim that the first season of Scream Queens will take place in a college campus where countless of murders take place.

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