Jamie Dornan Shares Personal and Professional Insecurities

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Next year Jamie Dornan stars in one of the most buzzed about films of 2015. His role as playboy Christian Grey will expose the 32 year old Irish actor to a wider American audience. However, Dornan developed a flock of loyal fans from his short-stint on ABC’s Once Upon a Time and as serial killer Paul Spector on the British crime drama The Fall. Even with Dornan’s recent success, he still finds it difficult to watch himself on screen, and receive praise for his body.

Recently Dornan spoke to Interview Magazine, where he disclosed some of his acting techniques and troubles. “I find myself approaching it in a slightly less-is-more way. And once you get into something, once you've got those first couple of weeks out of the way, really mad or gallant things start to happen” he stated. Dornan also revealed his lack of charisma during auditions. “I never got any better at it. I'm crap at auditions. I know there are people who can walk into those rooms and make those lines sing on the page and get the job immediately. I wasn't one of them. I'm still not one of them.”

Dornan fans may know that before acting, he modeled underwear. Despite having to show off his body to the world, he’s still insecure about it. Dornan shared, “I don't like my physique. Who does? I was a skinny guy growing up, and I still feel like that same skinny kid."

Right now The Fall began production on season 2, which various cast and crew members have shared pictures from the set.

Dornan shared with Interview that he finds something to like about all his characters, including Spector, and that he wants to “keep an element of myself in every character I play.”  Dornan also spoke of another inspiration for Spector: Ted Bundy. “It's fascinating when you think of somebody you know—a friend of yours, a work colleague, or someone who lives next door to you—and on the surface, you have a regular, normal, placid relationship with them. You're just totally unaware of what else is going on, which I thought was interesting for Spector. Bundy had two jobs in politics, was a law student, had steady girlfriends, and a good social group. When you watch interviews of him, it's quite chilling how likable he is.”

Later this year, The Fall premieres season 2; Fifty Shades of Grey hits theaters February 13, 2015.

Image via Fifty Shades of Grey Movie, Twitter

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