Jamie Dornan Cracked Jokes All Through 50 Shades Shoot

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Jamie Dornan is making Amazon history, but he's joking all the way.

Josh Wolford reported previously that Fifty Shades of Grey has beaten an impressive list of other popular movies for the bragging rights as Biggest Amazon Digital Pre-Order of All Time.

The list looked like this:

1. Fifty Shades of Grey
2. Frozen
3. Guardians of the Galaxy
4. American Sniper
5. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1
6. Maleficent
7. X-Men: Days of Future Past
8. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
9. How to Train Your Dragon 2
10. Star Wars (bundle)

Jamie Dornan, of course, starred as Christian Grey in the film adaptation of the popular erotica book by E.L. James. And now he is suiting up to take on the role again in the sequel, Fifty Shades Darker.

E.L. James' husband Niall Leonard is penning Fifty Shades Darker, which is slated for February, 2017. Universal Pictures chairman Donna Langley said, “He actually did a draft that wasn’t credited on the first movie, and he did a really good job."

Langley says Fifty Shades Darker will be “more of a thriller.” But Jamie Dornan's co-star Dakota Johnson says Dornan kept the mood light all throughout the shoot of the first movie.

“Jamie came in and was cracking jokes the whole time and was trying to like out-joke me. He made it light and that was so different from what other people were doing. It was really awesome, it was really refreshing,” she said.

Jamie Dornan admits that he didn't see himself in the role at first.

“I knew for a while they were making the movie, I didn’t immediately think, ‘Oh yeah, that’s me. I’m the guy.’ I was told to make an audition tape. Then had to fly to LA to test,”

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