Jailbreak App Display Recorder Comes to Apple Store

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An app that was previously available only on jail-broken phones has made its way to the app store. The App is called "Display Recorder" and does just that -- records video and audio of the phone's screen in real time.

The app is similar to Cydia, which does the same thing but is only available on jail-broken phones. Apparently this isn't sitting well with Cydia's creator, whom Apple would not allow to sell on the Apple Store. He sent out a tweet letting everyone know he was not involved in the project and filed a complaint with Apple.

This new version does have some functions that Cydia does not, like the ability to export the videos to YouTube or Camera Roll. It also has the option to tweak video and audio, and record from the microphone or pickup sounds coming from things on the screen.

Apple does not allow screen capture apps on its devices because it mimics the native screenshot capabilities on iOS. "Display Recorder" appears to take a series of screen caps to convert to video, so there is a good possibility that the app could be removed from the store in the near future. So, if this is something you are dying to have, you had better act fast.

The App was released by third party developer Bugun Software sells for $1.99 in the iTunes Store.

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