Jaden Smith Shows Off Creativity With New Track “Offering”

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While other teenagers in Hollywood are busy fist pumping at music festivals and just basically living life on the fast-lane, Jaden Smith begs to stand out.

Recently, the Karate Kid has been on the headlines for his witty Twitter feeds and adventurous style. Although some critics tried to take a jab at the young star, many were fascinated by his impressive display of creativity. Surely, more will be impressed after they get to hear Smith’s new track entitled “Offering.”

On April 14, Smith released his new single via his younger sister Willow’s Soundcloud account. He also shared the song on his Twitter feed. In his tweet, Smith included a link to the song with the caption, “This Is My Offering To The World… One Day… We Will All Understand.”

The lyrics of Smith’s new song were so profound for a 16-year-old. There was a part in the song where he rapped about his dad and about beating “the system.” Smith sang, “My dad said to beat the system, understand it first. My dad’s an inspiration, I respect the man and work. And everything you say is something that you can’t reverse. Something that you can’t rehearse.”

The young star even went deeper as he continued with the song. Some of his lyrics went, “Dancing with the devil won’t repeat the last century. Evolution probably mentioned me. Penitentiaries, they fillin’ up, that’s why they killing us. Probably see the flaws in the matrix if you real enough.”

In their household, the Smith siblings were raised to think artistically and creatively. Their mother, Jada Pinkett-Smith revealed this in previous interviews. Apparently, the young actor’s creative skills are not limited only to formulating mind-boggling tweets and lyrics but also in making his own furniture.

Just this week, Smith uploaded a couple of snaps on his Instagram account that show him assembling his own bed frame. He captioned one of the photos, “Just Finished My New Bed… Sweeve.”

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Recently, Smith has gotten flack for breaking fashion norms by wearing a dress. However, the young star was able to handle the issue calmly. His cool reaction was something unexpected from a teenager his age. While others might be a little surprised by how well Smith navigated through the issue, his father, the multi-talented actor Will Smith, sure isn’t.

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In an interview with Esquire magazine, the youngster’s father said that his son is different from other Hollywood kids. The elder Smith explained, “He has refused to be a slave to money. I so respect that.”

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