Jade Helm 15 Will Go Forward Without Any Media Coverage Allowed, Conspiracy Theories Fueled

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Jade Helm 15, a heavily controversial military exercise, will begin next week.

The media will have no access to what is going on during Jade Helm 15.

If you thought the original announcement of the operation spawned some outrageous conspiracy theories, the news that Jade Helm 15 will not be witness by any reporters ought to really throw fuel on the fire.

During Jade Helm 15, secret Special Operations troops will maneuver through private and publicly owned land in several southern states from July 15th-September 15th.

Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria, spokesman for Army Special Operations Command, said the ASOC is considering allowing a small number of journalists to view specially chosen windows of Jade Helm later this summer, but no promises.

He said, “All requests from the media for interviews and coverage of U.S. Army Special Operations Command personnel, organizations and events are assessed for feasibility and granted when and where possible. We are dedicated to communicating with the public, while balancing that against the application of operations security and other factors.”

The most interesting (frightening) part of Jade Helm 15 is that troops will be moving among the population incognito. Ok, maybe it's not that frightening, but it's a little weird.

Roy Boyd, chief deputy with the Victoria County, Texas Sheriff's Office told the Houston Chronicle back in March, "They're going to set up cells of people and test how well they're able to move around without getting too noticed in the community. They're testing their abilities to basically blend in with the local environment and not stand out and blow their cover."

The Jade Helm operation has been a hotbed for conspiracy theories. Wikipedia says these theories range from a "psychological operation aimed at getting people used to seeing military forces on the streets" so they do not realize when an invasion actually takes place to an international operation to gather guns.

Others predict that recently closed Walmart stores will be used by the military to "stockpile supplies for Chinese troops who will be arriving to disarm Americans", and still other theories claim that Jade Helm is a military plan to "round up political dissidents" and "remove key political figures" who may be against the government.

What is your favorite conspiracy theory revolving around Jade Helm 15?

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