Jada Pinkett Smith More 'Playful' With Will Smith Since Role in 'Magic Mike XXL'

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Jada Pinkett Smith stars in Magic Mike XXL--opening in theaters Wednesday--and since playing the role, it seems her husband Will Smith is reaping some rather special benefits.

“It really taught me how to be more playful with my husband,” she says of her husband of 18 years.

That wasn't all the actress learned while on the set of Magic Mike XXL either. She learned how to stay in the background rather than dominating space among the all-male cast.

"I really felt like this was a space for bro-time,” Jada Pinkett Smith said. “I tried to be respectful of that and I really enjoyed watching the men. It was so much fun to see and to realize men really need boy time.”

Channing Tatum agreed.

“Guys don’t do that at all. We do the opposite. We do everything but talk about that,” he said. “We create another little world. It’s like a pressure release. … Men are just like monkeys beating on the walls of the cage.”

Jada Pinkett Smith thinks there can be a balance, however. And starring in Magic Mike XXL helped her achieve it. She was used to simply sitting back and watching Will Smith play.

“He’s a silly man all day long. He’s the guy who hides behind the door and jumps out. He’s that guy. All day,” she said. “He’s just a big freaking kid. I always play the role of like, ‘OK, you be the kid. OK, that’s cute.'”

Oh, so that's the kind of playfulness she's referring to? It's not playfulness in the bedroom?

Jada Pinkett Smith definitely enjoys her playful time with Will Smith much more than ever these days. You can't convince many people that after starring in Magic Mike XXL that she didn't become more playful behind closed doors as well.

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