Jackie Chan Tells The Cutest Bruce Lee Story Ever

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Jackie Chan had the opportunity to work with martial arts legend Bruce Lee when he was younger on "Enter The Dragon", and recently he opened up about the best story he had from that time in his life.

It's a simple story that begins with a fight scene in which Lee is supposed to "hit" Chan across the face with a big pole; he missed his mark, however, and instead of making it movie-real, he made it real-real. The stick hit Chan in the head with brute force and he went down like a rock, and Lee, ever the professional, stayed in character until the director yelled "Cut!".

But he wasn't heartless; Lee ran over to Chan to make sure he was okay and fussed over him for the rest of the day like a worried mom. Chan, who was starstruck from working with his hero, milked it for all it was worth.

Listen to the story from Chan himself.

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