J-Lo, Darren Aronofsky Team Up For Non-Bizarre Kohl's Ad

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In 2010, Darren Aronofsky directed one of the best films of the year - Black Swan. It won Natalie Portman an Oscar and was itself nominated for best picture. And it was deserving of all its acclaim in book, even if you take out some of Mila Kunis' more erotic scenes...

Anyway, that was simply said in order to get the point across that Aronofsky has some experience with putting dance on the screen. In all honesty though, calling Black Swan a dance film is like calling Silence of the Lambs a movie about entomology.

However dance-centric you classify Black Swan, the point is that Aronofsky's new project deals with the fun side of dance as opposed to the finger-peeling, schizophrenic side of it. According to MediaBistro, Aronofsky is the director behind the newest Kohl's ad featuring Jennifer Lopez. You see, J-Lo has a clothing line at Kohl's, and she's appeared in numerous commercials for the brand over the past year or so. This time, she's got the music in her.

Check it out below:

Kohl's "Classic. Remixed" from H.K. McCANN on Vimeo.

Pretty hard to tell it has the Aronofsky touch, isn't it? I guess everyone just needs a paycheck now and again.

The last time we saw Aronofsky at work with advertisements, he was the brain behind a series of anti-meth ads that definitely bear his mark:

ER from Organic Inc. on Vimeo.

What do you think? Can you spot the Aronofsky in that J-Lo ad? Are you, like me, waiting for someone to remix that ad with the Requiem fior a Dream music? Let us know in the comments.

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