J.K. Rowling's Creation Gets Widespread Participation

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J.K. Rowling probably didn't know when she wrote the "Harry Potter" series that the game she invented for wizard-play would become so popular with real-life muggles.

Fans of the books will know that Quidditch is the famous sport that Harry plays as seeker for, accomplished on broomsticks on an enormous pitch not unlike those you see in soccer stadiums. In fact, Quidditch even has a World Cup, which is highlighted in the beginning of the fourth book. Now, the game is getting slightly revamped so the rest of us can play, and one town in California is drawing crowds from all over as fans swarm in to watch.

Residents in Roseville, California say they've gotten a nice economy boost from the sudden tourist attraction, which drew folks from as far away as Canada this past weekend. Known as the Western Cup Quidditch Tournament, the game will see the winning team advance to the World Cup in Kissimmee, Florida in April. Eventually, Placer Valley--which is where the Western Cup was held--wants to draw an even bigger crowd.

“We have our sights set on the world, to do the world event here, where people come from all over the world to play Quidditch,” said David Attaway, Placer Valley Tourism CEO.

“We can help promote literacy. People see Harry Potter and think ‘oh this is cool. I should read those books,’ ” Game Play Director Kevin Oelze said.

Image: PlacerTourism.com

Amanda Crum
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