Ivanka Trump: Who Spilled the Beans on Latest Pregnancy?

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Ivanka Trump is expecting her third child with hubby Jared Kushner, and while that isn't particularly remarkable by itself, the way people learned of the pregnancy comes with a funny story.

The mom of two children already, Ivanka Trump shared during an interview with People magazine that daughter Arabella has a knack for creating embarrassing moments.

Imagine Ivanka Trump's surprise when she arrived at Arabella's nursery school one day to congratulations on her latest pregnancy--before most of her family was told the news.

"Her whole nursery school class was congratulating me,” Ivanka says.

Between running a business, being a wife and mom, and helping out dad Donald Trump on the campaign trail, life is incredibly busy for Ivanka Trump these days.

She admits she's barely had time to process the notion of a third child on his or her way. Choosing a name is barely on the horizon.

“I am starting to think about it,” she says of choosing a baby name. “It’s hard because I have a girl and a boy so I went through the drills. I’m dusting off my old lists.”

“We’re just starting. It doesn’t feel quite real to me yet. I still feel like I have so much time, but now we’re moving along. I have to get cracking,” she adds.

If Ivanka Trump has learned anything from Donald Trump, it's smooth operations in the business world. Surely she will utilize some of her business strategies and her home life will soon be running like a multi-billion dollar business.

Kimberly Ripley
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