Ivanka Trump And The Donald Will Sue To Remove Trump Name From Declining Atlantic City Casino

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Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump have won the right to sue for the removal of the Trump name from Atlantic City's Taj Mahal casino.

Now, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump will demand that Trump Entertainment Resorts, with which Donald Trump is no longer associated, but holds a 10% stake in, remove the name Trump from the crumbling Taj Mahal.

"Unfortunately, Trump Entertainment Resorts has allowed the Taj to fall into an utter state of disrepair in violation of their licensing agreement," Trump attorney Alan Garten said.

He added, "We think it's a good ruling."

In response to the initial outcry from Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump, Trump Entertainment Resorts removed the Trump sign from the Trump Plaza.

However, even after removing the neon lights that declared "Trump" to Atlantic City visitors, the outline remained clearly visible from a coat of dirt or rust.

Atlantic City has been in a steady decline for a while now, with casinos closing left and right.

The Trump Taj Mahal was in trouble for a long time. In fact, Trump Entertainment Resorts filed for bankruptcy and threatened to close the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort, back in November.

In the lawsuit, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump insist that "The Trump name ... has become synonymous with the highest levels of quality, luxury, prestige and success."

Obviously, allowing the Taj Mahal to fall into disrepair is something that Ivanka Trump and her father don't want to be associated with at all.

But, Trump Entertainment Resorts is fighting to keep the name on the Taj Mahal.

What do you think about Donald and Ivanka Trump's lawsuit against Trump Entertainment Resorts? Do you think it's reasonable for the Trumps to not want to be associated with declining casinos?

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