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The Legend of Zelda is one of the greatest franchises to ever grace gaming. The action-adventure series has inspired countless other greats while it constantly reinvents itself with each new entry. How much actually changes between each game though?

A recent inforgraphic from the fine folks at CopyPress has sifted through all the major entries in The Legend of Zelda franchise to reveal some lesser known facts about the franchise. You won't find random trivia, like how Mario and Luigi make cameos in Ocarina of Time, in here. It's more about crunching the numbers.

Take for instance, did you know that Link has used 22 different swords throughout his adventures in Hyrule and other lands? We tend to think only in terms of the Master Sword, but Link has always had to start with a lesser blade on his adventures.

Interestingly enough, the original Legend of Zelda only featured 27 different enemies and 43 items. The franchise now features over 827 enemies and Link has collected close to 800 different items throughout the games. Skyward Sword alone features 120 items that Link can collect.

The best game in the series - A Link to the Past - holds the distinction of featuring the most dungeons at 12. The GBA rerelease of the same game holds the record for most bosses at 13. Numbers aren't everything, of course, but they certainly do help in this case. A Link to the Past is the longest game in the franchise and every dungeon is just as unique as the last.

Nintendo hasn't announced any Zelda games for the next year, but we know they're working on something for the Wii U. They must also have something in the works for the 3DS after the success of the 3D remake of Ocarina of Time. While every game in the franchise is special, let's hope they can capture the magic of A Link to the Past and Wind Waker in the next game.

Zelda infographic

[h/t: G4TV]

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