iSteve, Funny or Die's Steve Jobs Biopic, Was Written in 3 Days and Filmed in 5

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As you may know, Funny or Die is debuting their own Steve Jobs biopic next week. It's called iSteve, and will hit the interwebs on April 15th. Funny or Die producer Allison Hord sat down with Bloomberg TV to discuss the project.

In that interview, we learn that the 72-minute-long film was written in 3 days and shot in 5. Talk about production speed that Steve Jobs could be proud of.

In the interview, Hord talks about the genesis of the project - basically the staff was joking about how many Steve Jobs biopics Hollywood was churning out and someone suggested that Funny or Die just make their own feature, as a joke.

"At a certain point, you can only laugh at your own jokes so much before, as a company, you sort of have to call your own bluff and do it," says Hord.

Hord says that Funny or Die just wanted to do the first Steve Jobs movie, and in that they have succeeded.

Check out the interview for some more info on the film, including the fact that Justin Long (who plays Jobs) learned the 81-page script in just a few days.

And here's the trailer:

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