Isabella Brewster and Russell Brand Are Now an Item

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Isabella Brewster, the younger sister of "Fast and Furious" star Jordana Brewster, is currently looking for love in the arms of edgy British comedian Russell Brand. In case you haven't heard -- and I'm almost positive that you have -- Brand and singer Katy Perry's marriage recently came to a close, and neither celebrity is wasting any time finding a suitable follow-up. Enter Isabella, a former CAA talent agent who has been linked to "The Hangover" star Bradley Cooper.

According to US Weekly, an industry insider has stated the couple have been seeing one another for a few weeks, and that Brand is clearly interested in pursuing a relationship with Brewster. I wonder if the source said the same thing about Oriela Medellin and Nikolett Barabas, who were rumored to be dating the "Get Her to the Greek" star earlier this year? I suppose we'll have to wait and see if this is the real thing or not. Fingers crossed.

"She’s cute,” the insider remarked. “She is all over him and Russell loves it.”

If you're starting to feel sorry for poor Katy Perry, I wouldn't waste much of your time on such misplaced emotions. Perry is apparently doing fine on her own. After dating Florence + The Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd for a brief period, the "Fireworks" songstress says she's really not in the market for anyone at the moment. Good for her.

Curious to see a photograph of Russell Brand and Isabella Brewster walking down the street together? You can partake in such an activity by gazing at the image embedded below.


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