Is Wikipedia Leaving GoDaddy Or Not?

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Did GoDaddy's denouncement of SOPA/PIPA change the online encyclopedia's point of view on the domain registrar or are the folks who run Wikipedia being selective about the next place they register their domain?

As of now, thanks to the ByeDaddy search engine, a list of the top 100 searched domains still with GoDaddy reveals in the top spot, as well as a host -- pun intended -- of other sites you wouldn't expect to frequent a SOPA-supporting company with such direct ties to the Internet. Sites like, UrbanDictionary, WordPress, Penny Arcade, TV Tropes, and Groveshark are just a few of the companies paying GoDaddy for their registrar service.

Perhaps the thinking is GoDaddy's immunity from SOPA-related shutdowns will trickle down to domains that registered with GoDaddy. As for Wikipedia, apparently, they still plan on leaving GoDaddy, but they are taking their time in regards to picking a new domain registration service. A tweet from Jimmy Wales reveals as much:

@jsweder @GoDaddy We are moving. They will not get another penny. We are being thoughtful about choosing. 2 days ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Apparently, Namecheap's promotional move didn't appeal to the Wikipedia masters very much at all. With that in mind, here's the top 100 sites still with GoDaddy's service, courtesy of the ByeDaddy's metrics:

Did GoDaddy's SOPA reversal change minds of these site owners or are they simply taking their time, like Wikipedia?

Lead image courtesy of Natalie Dee.

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