Is Putting Windows 8 On The iPhone A Capital Offense?

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Windows and Mac OS X are two sides of the same coin. Just because they're both similar in many instances does not mean that they should ever meet though. Some intrepid, and possibly insane, designer has taken it upon himself to create the Windows 8 Metro UI for the iPhone.

Before you get out your pitchforks and whatever else Apple fans use to maim the non-believers, know that today's unholy experiment comes from a Jailbroken theme. If somebody wants to add a little bit of Windows 8 to their iPhone, they will have already committed the unthinkable crime of going against Apple's wishes by jailbreaking their iPhone.

Regardless, it's a pretty sweet reskin and it looks just like the Metro UI that we've come to either love or hate. Seeing it on the iPhone just makes my week. I'm sure Apple fans will have something to say about it, but I think it's a nice fit for the iPhone. I've always thought that Metro looked great on phones and the iPhone UI does need some sprucing up in the design department.

Check out the video below from Jailbreak Nation to get a close look at how Windows 8 would translate to the iPhone.

To get more information on the skin and where to download it, hit up Jailbreak Nations's tutorial on how to install it. It's only a paltry $1.50 to get the magic and wonder of Windows 8 onto an Apple device. That's a small price to pay for the tech equivalent of crossing the streams.

[Lead Image: JBN]

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