Is Pinterest Finally About to Enable Private Boards?

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If there's one most-wanted feature that Pinterest users have been clamoring over for the past few months, it's private boards. Users want the ability to pin without the prying eyes of their followers or the rest of the Pinterest community at large. Who can blame them, really? Not everything is meant for public consumption.

Now, there's a little bit of evidence that suggests the company may be thinking about some version of this concept. Mashable noticed a funny message from Pinterest when attempt to edit a pin. "Keep in mind: you can't move pins to secret boards," it says.

Secret boards, huh? I've played around with Pinterest and found no such message. There is also no option to make a board private when you create it - as of now.

It's not like private pinboards are completely off Pinterest's mind. Back in March, the company altered their terms of service and as a part of that announcement said that it was their intention to launch private boards.

But many months later, still no option for private boards. It seems like every time Pinterest announces a new feature, commenters ask about them, however.

"What about those who might have a desire to start pinning baby things before announcing to the world that they are pregnant, or pinning gifts without their family/friends seeing those gifts, pinning wedding ideas or party ideas for a surprise party?" asked one user in the Pinterest blog comments.

"Can we get some security restrictions now too please? I want to block my kids from seeing certain stuff (boards)," said another.

Private boards would be a welcome feature for most Pinterest users. Let's hope that the company decides to roll them out sooner than later. Sometimes, you just want your pins to be secret.

I've reached out to Pinterest for comment and will update this article accordingly.

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