Is Google About to Give Results While You Type Your Query?

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Google is holding an even later today in which it is expected to unveil some new search-related product. Yesterday's highly publicized Google doodle, which had the Google logo turning into a bunch of balls flying around as your mouse got closer to it, is presumed to be a clue to the new product launch. 

Google has another logo change today. It simply displays the Google logo in a a gray hue, which turns into the standard Google colors as you type. This is thought to be another clue. 

Yesterday, a mysterious Google Labs experiment appeared, called Google Scribe, which gives you suggestions for your next words and phrases as you type, based on several factors. This may also be a clue, because another Google experiment was recently discovered, which has search results appear as you type in your search query. 

This may or may not be what Google is unveiling today, but my guess is that it's probably at least part of it. Barry Schwartz says more people are reporting seeing the feature. 

After Google Scribe popped up in Labs with no official announcement, I contacted Google to learn more about it, but the company has not yet responded. 

Google CEO Eric Schmidt also made some interesting comments this week about search, saying that search should become more automatic.

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