Is Glenn Dead? Norman Reedus May Have Just Confirmed It

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"Is Glenn Dead?" seems to be the question on everyone's lips these days. For the uninitiated, it concerns a character on The Walking Dead, a character who has been around since the very beginning and who has saved the lives of most of his group members at least once. Since the episode before last, fans have been in agony wondering if he really perished at the hands of a horde of walkers, but Norman Reedus may have just confirmed it.

*Warning: possible spoiler alert*

After Glenn and a newer character--Nicholas--are separated from their group in town, the duo are forced into an alley by a huge group of walkers, where they jump on top of a dumpster. Seeing no way out, Nicholas uses his weapon to shoot himself in the head and falls , taking Glenn with him. The camera is nearly level with Glenn's face as he lies on the ground and seemingly watches the walkers pull his intestines from his stomach; however, the angle has led some fans to believe we weren't watching Glenn meet his own end at all, but that the guts in question belonged to Nicholas. The debate has waged online for two weeks now, but no one is any closer to an answer; the show has moved on to the many other characters' storylines, purposely keeping us all in suspense.

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Reedus said he couldn't believe what was happening himself, and he was actually in the episode.

“I was in that episode and I watched that episode and I was like how could they do that! I had the same feeling, trust me. That’s our show. That’s what we do. We rip your guts out — literally," Reedus said.

Does that mean what I think it means? Reedus wouldn't elaborate and he never came right out and said Glenn is dead, of course, but some are wondering if he's giving us a hint. He also advised that we all pay close attention to every detail of every episode, because some things come up later that we'll need to remember (what that "A" stands for in the tree bark, for instance).

“It’s really entered a mature level of storytelling this time. Little tiny things mean so much later. You really have to pay attention to everything. The acting is so on point, the directing is so on point. I feel like showrunner Scott Gimple is really leading the team to the Super Bowl," Reedus said.

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