Is eBay Still Having Trouble With Google Traffic?

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eBay may still be suffering from Google algorithm troubles. Back in May of 2014, Google eBay got hit hard in Google. It came around the same time as one of Google's Panda updates, but reports indicated it was actually a manual penalty.

When eBay reported its quarterly earnings the following July, it was revealed that the penalty cost the company big time.

eBay CFO Bob Swan said during the company’s earnings call:

Marketplaces delivered $2.2 billion in revenue, which grew 6%, GMV grew 8%, and operating margin declined 340 basis points. It was a challenging quarter. As John indicated, we got off to a good start, but we had significant obstacles late May.

The combination of the cyberattack and the Google SEO had an immediate and dramatic impact on GMV growth. June GMV growth was 7% driven by slower active buyer growth and lower conversion. In light of these events, we have made significant investments to get eBay users reengaged, including couponing, seller incentives and increased marketing spend...

He later indicated the “SEO changes” could take a while and “cost more” to recover from. The company reduced its full year revenue guidance by $200 million.

Now, TameBay is reporting (citing data from Searchmerics) that eBay is still underperforming on Google a year later. Here's the graph they show:


"From the picture below it doesn’t look like a pretty story for eBay," writes Kelvin Newman for TameBay. "A large dramatic drop in visibility followed by some small rebounds. This tool doesn’t capture all the keywords eBay might be ranking for. But does suggest they’re not getting the natural search traffic they once did, though."

"That might not be a big issue," he adds. "Perhaps they’re getting more traffic from social or other channels. But it looks like natural search isn’t delivering the returns it used to. That’s still influenced by the manual downgrade last year. Google Panda likely also played a part."

Reduced visibility in Google isn't good for anyone trying to sell products, and that certainly applies to eBay sellers. Sellers are also facing reported issues with eBay's own search.

Images via eBay, TameBay/Searchmetrics

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