Ireland Baldwin Sports Some New Ink

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Ireland Baldwin, daughter of 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin and actress and model Kim Basinger is sporting some new ink these days, including a tattoo of a bra on her wrist. The 18-year-old debuted her new art on Monday.

A selfie posted on Instagram features Ireland lying on a bed as though she were sleeping--one arm (her left) up near her head. A lotus tattoo is now accompanied by a new depiction of a pink bra with a perfectly centered black bow. Some commenters loved the artwork, while others commented that hey hoped the tattoo was a fake instead.

Check out the sexy photo--captioned very simply, "zzzzzzzzzzz," for yourself.

Ireland Baldwin is a model and is known for sticking to her daily fitness routine. Other recent Instagram photos have featured her workouts, with one in particular showing her very shapely hind end--up close and personal. It's a bona fide booty shot.

The booty shot was captioned, "2014."

It would be interesting to learn how Ireland feels about no longer being an only child--don't you think? Dad Alec and his wife Hilaria welcomed a new baby girl named Carmen into the world just a few months ago. There doesn't seem to be any animosity there so far anyway. Alec--known for his often irrational public outbursts--was pictured in yet another one of Ireland's many Instagram photos featuring both of his girls--with Ireland giving baby sister Carmen a kiss.

How do you suppose Alec Baldwin likes his 18-year-old daughter's choice of ink? It's quite likely that even if he vehemently opposes it there's not a thing he can do. She's the headstrong kind who doesn't much care what anyone thinks--even if it's her dear old dad.

What do you think of Ireland Baldwin's tattoo of a pink bra? Is she simply fond of fancy lingerie or is there a much deeper meaning that lies beneath the incredibly creative--and incidentally very well done--ink?

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