iPhone Sales Estimates: How Many Actually Sold in Q2?

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There is some debate between analysts concerning how well the iPhone has been selling this year.  Apple's second fiscal quarter ended on March 26th, and the sales projections are all over the map.

Fortune has compiled a list of 43 professional and amateur analysts who can't seem to agree on whether sales of Apple's top moneymaker rose or fell in Q2.  As Fortune points out, sales usually fall off after the holidays, so one might expect the iPhone to suffer a little.  Complicating the matter, however, is Apple's February 10th release of the highly anticipated Verizon iPhone.

Last quarter, Apple posted 16.2 million in iPhone sales.  Of the 43 analysts Fortune compiled, the highest figure is 19.8 million units while the lowest estimate comes in at 13.24 million units.  After averaging all 43 estimates, the consensus figure turns out to be 16.64 million units.  This is a 2.7% increase from Q1 and an 88% increase from Q2 of last year.

Fortune also ranks the 43 analysts by how accurately they predicted Q1 iPhone sales.  FYI, The person with the most accurate Q1 estimates predicts the iPhone's Q2 number at 18.3 million units.  He is Patrick Smellie of the Apple Finance Board.

Just today, Gartner released estimates regarding the smartphone market in years to come.  iOS is projected to maintain its hold on the #2 spot at just under 20% of the market share through 2012.  In 2015, Gartner estimates it will lose that spot to Windows Phone OS.

In other iOS news, BGR reports that one of their "Apple ninjas" gave them exclusive info on the release of iOS 4.3.2.  It is said to fix a couple bugs, handle some security issues, include some enhancements and is due in about two weeks.

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