Meet The iPhone Case Made Out Of Space Shuttles


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This new iPhone case is out of this world - literally.

Divoti, makers of expensive magnetic health bracelets, revealed their new Case Titan for iPhone 4/4S at CES. The case is made out of the same titanium that is used in NASA space shuttles.

The base of the Case Titan is pure titanium and germanium. The base apparently improves the quality of music so much that users will hear a dramatic increase in audio quality even while using basic headphones.

"The Case Titan is unlike any other iPhone case out there," Ronald He, CEO of Divoti, said. "While there are other titanium and metal iPhone case, this is the only case that dramatically improves the audio quality of music you listen to. It’s so unique that we have patented it."

This supposed sound quality is what convinced Gutwire, a high-end audiophile accessory company, to partner with Divoti on the case.

Improved sound quality is not the only benefit of this ridiculously expensive case. The “99.99% pure germanium granules” that are embedded on the back of the Case Titan absorbs the heat from the user’s hands and the battery. It apparently releases negative ions that lowers the radiation output of the phone. You heard it here first folks, the Case Titan prevents cellphone-induced cancer.

All joking aside, there is something to be said about luxury iPhone cases. They are intended for the wealthy to flaunt their wealth. Now they can prove their wealth and prevent iPhone cancer. It's a win-win.

For those interested in the iPhone case of the gods (and bank execs), it can be pre-ordered now for $179.99.