iPhone and Android are Killing Us? [Infographic]

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No doubt, iPhone and Android devices are some of the hottest selling phones right now, in fact, the number of people who own smartphones is approaching 30%. Over 75% of the total population owns cell phones, and even 22% of children own cell phones. That's a crazy amount of cell phone owners. I don't think we could ever go back to the days of the landline.

OnlineMastersDegree.Com has come out with an interesting new infographic on the negative effects that some cell phone owners might be experiencing as a result of ownership. They suggest that cell phones might even be killing us! No, it's not the old brain tumor thing, these are real facts and figures on the downfalls of owning a cell phone.

One fun fact about iPhone users in particular, over 40% would rather give up wearing shoes for a week rather than go without their device. Surprisingly, research suggests a number of negative consequences associated with cell phones and smartphones. Sleep deprivation, anxiety, depression, and increased risk of stroke, heart attack, and diabetes top the list.

The infographic is fun, but also frightening. Take a close look at the bottom of the graphic, some tech firms are even promoting outings that purposefully leave technology behind in the interest of better health. Very interesting. Check it out:

Cell Phones Kill
Created by: Online Masters Degree

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