iPhone Alone Made More Than Microsoft


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Apple made a lot of news a couple weeks ago with its most recent quarterly earnings report. In another record-setting quarter, Apple generated $46.33 billion in revenue. So immense were Apple’s earnings, in fact, that a website popped up to help people get a little perspective on just how much $46.33 billion is.

Some more information has emerged in the last few days that helps put Apple’s earnings in a slightly different perspective. The release of Microsoft’s quarterly report just a few days ahead of Apple’s allowed for some comparisons to be made, and the results are surprising. Whereas Apple generated $46.33 billion in revenue, Microsoft generated less than half of that - $20.9 billion. What’s remarkable, though, is that not only did Apple generated more revenue than Microsoft, the iPhone generated more revenue than Microsoft. That is, if the iPhone were a standalone business, completely separate from Apple, it would have made more money last quarter than Microsoft. The iPhone alone generated a revenue of $24.4 billion. That’s $3.5 billion more than Microsoft, and $2.47 billion more than the rest of Apple’s revenue.

The chart below, courtesy of Business Insider, gives a little bit of visual perspective:

iPhone vs. Microsoft

Of course, that doesn’t quite make Apple king of the hill. Microsoft still has Apple beaten in terms of computer market share, just as Android maintains a solid lead in the mobile space. Nevertheless, it’s amazing to see that within 5 years of completely reinventing the smartphone market, it has parlayed that success into complete financial dominance of its biggest rival. Whether you’re an Apple fanboy or an Apple hater, you have to admit that that’s pretty impressive.