iPhone 7?: Marketing Firm Asks Apple To Not Call New Phone 6s

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iPhone 7 would be preferrable to iPhone 6s for one marketing company in New York.

6s Marketing has asked, in some very quirky and attention-getting ways, that Apple's new phone be called the iPhone 7 rather than the iPhone 6s, which would trump their company's claim on the moniker.

6s Marketing has posted ads all over the city asking Apple, in "Dear Apple" form, to go with iPhone 7.

The ads have captured the attention of citizens all over the place due to their interesting premise and simplistic styling.

6s president, Chris Breikss, said in a statement that the name of the company is sentimental and pleas for Apple to consider iPhone 7.


He said, “The name came from a custom license plate on a Mercedes that my father and I spotted when I was 11 years old — it read SSS SSS. After much deliberation, we realized that translated to ‘six-esses,’ or ‘successes.’ Years later, that eventually became the name of our company.”


He added that the name 6s is very important and said, “After the iPhone 4S and 5S launched, we realized that our once-unique name could be in jeopardy, linked to the most popular mobile device in the world. We love Apple’s products; most of us use iPhones on a daily basis, and we’re flattered to potentially share the same name."

He continued, "However, we would prefer that Apple change the naming convention and consider calling their next phone the iPhone 7.”

While this likely won't be a successful strategy leading to an iPhone 7 announcement on the 9th, it will probably still be amazing promotion for 6s Marketing.

And that was probably the plan all along, now, wasn't it?

What do you think about 6s's attempt to get Apple to go with iPhone 7 for the new phone?

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