iPhone 6 Plus Supply Issues Loom as Holidays Approach

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If you're looking to get your hands on a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus before the holiday season is in full swing, you may want to order one sooner rather than later – especially if it's the iPhone 6 Plus you're after.

Demand is outpacing supply for the new iPhone 6, and Apple CEO Tim Cook isn't exactly sure when the latter is going to catch up.

Speaking at Monday's earnings call, Cook said that the iPhone 6 launch was "going great" ... but ...

"That said, today demand is far outstripping supply. It’s unclear, looking at the data, when supply will catch up with demand.”

In terms of that supply and demand, Cook added that "we're not even on the same planet." That doesn't sound great.

But it's surely not surprising for phones that broke all-time sales records for Apple.

For their part, you know Apple is trying its best to meet demands. It's rumored that the reason you didn't see the much-discussed mega-iPad (the supposed 12.9-inch one) at last week's big press event is due to Apple going all hands on deck and throwing every bit of manufacturing focus into meeting the crazy iPhone 6 and 6 Plus demands.

Still, moving forward, there's uncertainty surrounding availability

At least for now, you shouldn't have an issue getting an iPhone 6. Shipping times are still short for the smaller of the two new phones, at about 7 - 10 days.

As far as the iPhone 6 Plus is concerned, Apple's shipping time is still upward of a month – and has been since just a couple hours after launch.

Long story short – it's possible that the iPhone 6 Plus will be particularly hard to come by as we move into the busiest shopping season of the year. That's unless you want to spend an embarrassing amount of money on one. But you don't want to do that. That's ridiculous.

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