iPhone 6 Event Reportedly Happening on Sept. 9

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It's the dog days of summer, and like most years, Apple is here to offer a cool oasis to thirsty Applemaniacs.

Recode is reporting that Apple's next big media event – at which the company is set to reveal the next generation of the iPhone (among other things, maybe) – is scheduled for September 9th. That means you have just over a month to convince yourself of your iPhone 5s' depressing obsoleteness.

Here are a few things that the iPhone 6 could sport, but have not been confirmed:

- A blood glucose monitor

- Swiss army knife-style tweezers

- Cortana

- A backdoor NSA app

- Seven actual dollars hidden somewhere

- Something called a "flavor saver"

- The fasterest processor known to man and God

- Bees?

All unconfirmed, of course.

In all seriousness, folks expect Apple to reveal a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 with a new A8 processor. Apple may also unveil a much larger iPhone – possibly with a 5.5-inch display. You've also likely heard that Apple's displays could be made of a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Apple may also turn the resolution up to 11, or maybe something like 1704x960.

But why speculate? All will be revealed when the world stops spinning for two hours on September 9th.

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