iPhone 5S to Have Multiple Colors, Screen Sizes [RUMOR]

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A new year inevitably means new iPhone rumors. The next iPhone model is already pegged as being the iPhone 5S, and is rumored to be coming as early as June 2013. It's also being reported that Apple is looking to use Sharp's IGZO display panels, which would increase the device's resolution while lowering its power consumption.

Today's new rumors are even more spurious than usual, with BGR reporting that a Topeka Capital Markets analyst is suggesting the next iPhone will come in colors other than white and black. Specifically, he states that the new device will come in pink, yellow, blue, black, and white - the same colors Apple's new iPod touch devices are offered in. Also, the analyst currently believes the 5S will have multiple screen sizes to choose from. His predictions are based on "checks" with Apple suppliers.

Such a move by Apple would be an extreme break from its staunch tradition of one-size-fits-all iPhone production. If true, though, it could be an acknowledgement by the company that consumers are being lured by colorful Android or Windows Phone handsets.

Apple hasn't always had the black-and-white image it has tried to cultivate over the past decade. A return to the colorful palate of the original iMac could signal the first tentative steps the company is taking away from Steve Jobs' original vision.