iPhone 5S To Be Revealed On September 10 [Report]

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As soon as the iPhone 5 launched, rumors started to circulate regarding the iPhone 5S. We started to hear from rumors and supply chain reports that the iPhone 5S would launch in summer, but that's obviously not the case as summer is almost over. Despite missing the usual summer reveal, we won't have to wait long to hear about Apple's new mobile device.

All Things D reports that the iPhone 5S will be revealed at an event on September 10. The date comes from unnamed sources, but it's the most likely reveal date yet for the device as most other rumored launch dates have come and gone already. In fact, the September reveal date nicely ties into a previous report that said the iPhone 5S had been delayed until later this year due to a last minute change to the display size. Whether or not Apple upgrades the display remains to be seen, but the company has taken longer than usual to reveal the latest iPhone.

One reason for that may very well lie in iOS 7. The latest version of Apple's mobile OS, which was revealed in June at WWDC, is the most dramatic change it has ever seen. Most of the changes are purely aesthetic as it has been redesigned from the ground up by Jon Ive - the man behind the design of the iPhone's hardware. Of course, any new major redesign to iOS would require more time to work any and all kinks so Apple may be taking its sweet time to make sure iOS 7 is perfect upon launch.

Another reason behind the late iPhone reveal could be that Apple will be revealing two iPhones in September. For the past year, there has been an increasing number of reports saying that Apple is working on a cheaper, plastic iPhone for emerging markets. We got to see pictures of it back in April and there's been more leaks since then to confirm that Apple really is working on a cheaper iPhone despite the denials coming from the company.

So, what else can we expect to see from the iPhone 5S? A rumor that just won't die is that the device will feature a fingerprint scanner, and recent code found in the latest iOS 7 beta seemingly confirms that Apple is finally putting its acquisition of AuthenTec to good use. Another rumor stated that the iPhone 5S would be available in a wide variety of colors, but recent reports say that only the cheaper iPhone will be available in more than just the standard black and white.

Like always, all of this merely speculation until we get to see the device for ourselves. If it is revealed on September 10, you can be sure that we'll bring you all the juicy details from the event.